Mission & History

Seattle Youth Climate Action Network (SYCAN) empowers teens to address climate change in their communities through education, leadership, and action. Our ultimate goal is to support youth-led action on climate change.


Seattle Youth Climate Action Network was launched by Woodland Park Zoo in January 2015 with initial funding from The Ocean Project, and in partnership with Seattle Aquarium and Pacific Science Center. Since then, more than 600 teens have participated in monthly events, training’s, action campaigns, leadership opportunities, and our annual Youth Climate Action Summit

Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

The purpose of Seattle Youth Climate Action

Network (SYCAN) is to support youth-led action on

climate change. For the past 3 years, we

experimented with different models for youth

leadership that led to summer action projects,

awesome events, and teens who strongly identified

with SYCAN. Now that we have the opportunity to

reimagine SYCAN, we are prioritizing youth’s

experiences, passions, and priorities for action to

structure the Youth Leadership Team (YLT) to be

even better. Now, our goal for SYCAN and the YLT

is to provide a space for youth to create and execute their own vision.

Equity and Environmental Justice

The Seattle Youth Climate Action Network has strong values of equity and environmental justice. Those values have emerged both from conversations with youth about their values and priorities and conversations with our steering committee members.


The climate and environmental justice movement acknowledges that the people who have contributed the least to climate change are those who are the most impacted by it, many whom are from low-income communities and communities of color. Part of practicing equity is not only learning the history and the realities of folks with marginalized identities, but creating structures to promote the leadership of folks in those communities to determine the most pressing priorities, find solutions, and take action.

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