How You Can Help

There are many quick changes you can make to your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly!


Participating in hands on events is an easy way for the community, as well as local youth, to become involved in addressing climate change as well. The Student Conservation Association has some great youth programs available, which is a great way for youth to become more involved in hands-on service. Seattle Parks and Recreation also has some great opportunities to volunteer with them to clean up some parks in Seattle. Puget Soundkeeper has a diverse range of volunteer opportunities, including community outreach, the cleanup of marine debris, boat patrol, the monitoring of water quality, kayak patrol, and group service projects.

Driving an electric car rather than a gas based car, carpooling, taking public transport or biking to your destination are all great ways to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

In Seattle, several options for public transport are available, such as the Link Light Rail or the Metro Bus systems. For youth, reduced fares are available! Recently, two bike share programs were implemented in Seattle, allowing easy public access to bikes. Lime is still available for dockless bike sharing.

It’s also important to participate in small actions, as these make all the difference. Turning off the lights when it’s not dark out, turning off running water when you’re brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and using blankets when you are cold instead of turning up the heat are all good examples of ways to reduce waste; plus, they save you money in the long run.

Another way to reduce carbon emissions is to limit your daily consumption of single use products. Not only does it take fossil fuels to produces single use products such as plastic bags or plastic water bottles, but these plastics never fully break down; they turn into micro plastics, which can bio accumulate in the food chain, harming not only humans, but other animals as well. Choosing a reusable product will not only save you money in the long term, but it will also reduce carbon emissions and help to save our biodiversity.

As an organization, the Seattle Youth Climate Action Network is dedicated to empowering youth through education, leadership, and action, so that teens have the resources to address climate change. Youth need to be aware of the climate issues that we are currently facing to make change, so climate education is crucial. Currently, the Seattle Youth Climate Action Network Youth Leadership Team is planning the annual Seattle Youth Climate Action Summit, which aims to educate and empower the greater Seattle area youth through speakers, panels, workshops, and networking. This summit is open to all youth!

At the Climate Action For All event in August 2018 at the Woodland Park Zoo, the community came together to brainstorm solutions to various climate change related issues.

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