Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

The purpose of Seattle Youth Climate Action Network (SYCAN) is to support youth-led action on climate change. For the past 3 years, we experimented with different models for youth leadership that led to summer action projects, awesome events, and teens who strongly identified with SYCAN. Now that we have the opportunity to reimagine SYCAN, we are prioritizing youth’s experiences, passions, and priorities for action to structure the Youth Leadership Team (YLT) to be even better. In early 2018, SYCAN staff held a series of listening conversations with youth who have participated in SYCAN before and those who haven't, to learn more about what teens in the community want out of SYCAN. These conversations helped us to reshape the structure for youth leadership in SYCAN, which leads to our new model for the YLT. Now, our goal for SYCAN and the YLT is to provide a space for youth to create and execute their own vision.


The YLT is a group of teens who have the opportunity to build their leadership skills and capacity to lead SYCAN. Knowing that the youth we serve come from many different experiences, backgrounds, and walks of life, we offer training on the front end to learn basic skills that they will need to organize themselves and build community action projects. The YLT has access to resources, assets, expertise, and mentorship from the organizations on the steering committee to put their own plans into action. 

Meet the Team

Back Row Right to Left: Kent Zeng, Arvin Thyagarajan, Valentina Pavlovic, Takiyah Ward, Ila Sharma

Front Row Right to Left: Nicole Gonzales, Esha Krishnan, Gabriel McMillen

Not Pictured: Angelina dos Remedios, Anthony Hernandez


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